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Brand Strategy for Financial Firms

Origin stories are a brand’s foundation, explaining who you are, why you exist, and what you do.  They help you be unique, stand out from the competition, and communicate your ideas, services, and products more compellingly and memorably. Everybody has a story – some are better than others at telling it. We can help you craft a concise, easy-to-understand narrative free of financial jargon and technical terms.

Go-to-market (GTM) Strategy

Go-To-Market (GTM) Strategy is a plan that helps you define your ideal customers, craft a compelling story that speaks to their needs, coordinate your messaging, and position your product for a successful launch. A thoughtful, actionable, effective GTM strategy helps keep critical business units aligned and on the same page, allowing you to triumphantly launch a new product into an existing market or launch a current product into a new market.

brand strategy consulting for financial firms

Content Creation that Simplifies Complex Financial Concepts

As a brand strategy consulting firm for financial services, we bring decades of experience successfully crafting short- and long-form content across a broad spectrum of deliverables to target audiences across various levels of financial sophistication. In particular, weaving compelling narratives through content for investment ideas, products, and strategies for client portfolios, including quantitative and ESG approaches in equities, fixed income, alternatives, mutual funds, ETFs, and SMAs. 

Examples of the type of communications we successfully execute while offering financial explanations in plain language include:

  • research pieces & white papers
  • market & investment commentaries
  • articles
  • executive communications
  • client letters 
  • talking points (both internal and external facing)
  • topical blog posts
  • podcast & video scripts
  • targeted brochures and financial product explainers

Executive Coaching
for Financial Services Professionals

Presentation Skills Training & Executive Coaching

How you present your ideas can dramatically impact your influence and credibility with listeners – especially when it comes to economic concepts and financial data. Learn how to weave storytelling structural archetypes within a persuasive presentation and connect with any audience.  Group training sessions or one-on-one executive coaching are available.

Sales Skills Training

Selling products or services that entail complex financial concepts with subtle nuance can be challenging. Story selling through presentations can help you gain interest and intrigue, advance your sales skills, accelerate your ability to make meaningful connections and elevate you to new professional heights. With executive storytelling coaching, you will learn to differentiate yourself from competitors by leveraging storytelling techniques in your email, phone conversations, meetings, and presentations.

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